Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Trent Is Born In Staten Island

During the fourteenth minute of the twenty third hour, on the twentieth day of the sixth month of the year two thousand and nine, a little man by the name of Trent William entered into this world.*

This is the first photo ever taken of Trent. Hundreds would soon follow.

 Getting Examined

Renee and I got to watch them weigh him and give him his first quick checkup. He wasn't exactly happy about this. All the lights and noises must have been pretty scary to the little guy and it showed…
Here is a rare close-up of him not crying while being checkout by the nurse.
And we are back to crying…
Here is a close up of his little feet… kind of gross actually.
Baby & Mamma's first photo together.
* June 20th, 2009
Photos by: Renee